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Huntsville Wildlife

Huntsville is full of wildlife! Many Alabama animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, and of course rats & mice are much more common in cities and suburbs than "out in the woods". These animals often come into conflict with people. If you're having a Huntsville wild animal problem that you need resolved, give me a holler at 256-274-0275.

Common Huntsville Nuisance Wildlife Species:
  • Squirrels
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Pigeons
  • Bats
  • Snakes
  • Skunks

Huntsville Critter Advice: armadillo removal - opossum removal - fox removal - bat removal - skunk removal - rat removal - mole removal - weasel removal

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Huntsville Wildlife Advice:

How to Trap Beavers - Beavers are mammals that are largely found in North America, and in Alabama. Their normal weight is 19 to 25 Kg, but you can also find a beaver weighing more than 40kg. The normal age of a beaver is 5 to 10 years but some of them can live up to 20 years. Harvesting of beavers is a very successful business in Alabama, but at the same time they can cause diseases. They can also cause many damages by flooding cultivated land, which is why they are considered nuisance Huntsville wildlife, just like raccoons, snakes, rats, mice, bats, and squirrels.

Most of the people who are facing beaver problems think that they can eliminate beavers by destroying the dam. But it is not so, beavers are able to rebuild the dam quickly in less than 24 hours. Sometimes beavers start building more and more colonies. In less than a mile you can find five to 8 beaver colonies very easily. To stop this it is recommended to use different types of traps.

However these damages can be prevented by using a fence or a repellent. You can also shoot and trap beavers. For shooting the beavers the most suitable time is the dusk or dawn. It is advised to shoot a beaver when it is out of water, otherwise it will die very slowly. For shooting a beaver a high powered riffle can be used. Shooting a beaver in day time is allowed throughout the year.

But for a night shoot you must have a permit. Shooting is not considered good to eliminate all the beavers. However instead of shooting, many people want to trap the beaver. There are many types of trapping devices that are available and you can choose one according to your problem and location. Beavers can be trapped very easily but they will soon understand the trapping mechanism, so it is better to use a good trapping device.

It is allowed to trap the beavers throughout the year. The most effective type of beaver trapper is the body grip trap. You can use this trapper outside or inside the water, but it is advised to use them with a great care. For more safety read the instructions manual. Different types of body grip traps are available according to the requirements. One of them is known as the canal set body trap. It can be used on a canal and will trap the beavers for you. To set this one up you have to mount two poles on both sides of the canal. In this way you can trap a large number of beavers.

The other trapping device is known as the bank den set. It is placed at the entrance of the den to get more and more beavers. Other than body grip traps you can also use snares. It is the cheapest way to trap beavers. Snares can be placed anywhere on the runways but they cannot be used in the water. Some other types of traps are suit case traps and foot hold traps. Suit case traps are easy to use but they are very expensive and inefficient, that is why they are not used much.

Fencing is also an option to get rid of beavers, but this option is suitable for small areas only. These fences should be at least three feet high and you also have to bury the fence 3 to 4 inch down in the ground. Another option for small areas is an electric fence but this is quite dangerous and is not used much.

But in all cases remember that you should have a shooting or trapping license to trap the beavers. Some states allow the trapping only for a few months in a year. So before trapping make sure that you are aware of the laws. Any type of explosion for killing the beavers is strictly prohibited.