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How to trap and remove weasels in Alabama

Weasels are nothing but carnivorous animals that have short legs, sleek and long bodies. They have the ability to grow nearly 16 inches long. They are mostly discovered all through North America. More particularly, they are found often around the farm properties and they intend to cause more aggravation to the farmers. The weasels are very much aggressive in nature; particularly their hunt for fresh meat will last until they completely destroy chickens and consume them.

A weasel possesses 2 pairs of foot prints in spite of having 5 toes. Their foot prints are also under an inch wide, and one inch long. It is also ascertained by its oval shape which helps it to enter into tunnels. It easily discovers its path through the tunnels to consume small animals that prosper beneath the ground such as gophers. Weasels are themselves prey to numerous animals such as coyotes, large cats, bobcats, hawks, owls and foxes. Frogs, rats, chicken, shrews, moles, mice, rodents, rabbits and ground squirrels are some of the other animals that become a prey to the weasels. They might even kill fish since they have the ability to swim in water. So you need to handle them with utmost care, in order to get rid of them, completely and forever.

These days, trapping the Hunstville weasels is carried out to get rid of them completely and also to take their fur. It actually requires lots of patience.

You first need to place a wooden box in an area that is frequently visited by the Alabama weasels like tall grass, chicken coop or close to streams. The box needs to be 6 inches wide and 12 inches long.

You then need to saw or drill an entrance hole that is no less than 2 inches wide on one the box’s one side. You require hammering a nail via the opposite box’s side to help clasp the bait.

Now you need to bait your trap. Fresh meat is said to be the simplest form of food that will easily attract weasels.

Then put a leg-hold trap inside the box, opposite to the bait or under the bait. Such spring traps need to be in a size that allows little animals to get away for fear that they might come for the bait and also come into the trap prior to a weasel doing so.

You need to check your traps on a daily basis to observe whether you have succeeded in trapping the weasel or not. This also helps you to release other animals immediately if they are wrongly trapped inside the trap.

If you wish to trap the weasels during the winter, you then need to draw the meat in the snow to leave behind a blood track. This way, the weasels will easily get attracted towards the bait.

Trapping weasels is legal in some states and is illegal in the others and so it is best advised to contact your local Alabama animal control authorities to know if the process is lawful in your state or not.

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