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Alabama Skunk trapping

The look and appearance of a Alabama skunk can be cute, but they are not that good to be having around. They also have the ability to stay out the way of the human beings as long as the humans stay out of their way.

They would like to stay near house or under them, since they feel it is safer and also because they can warm themselves during cold weather conditions. However, the smell of the skunks can turn the human beings to immediately chase away them.

You can use traps to catch them. You can easily buy one from the hardware store nearby your location. You need to buy a humane trap that does not do any sort of harm to the animal and just traps them inside the box.

If you don’t wish to buy a trap, then you can phone up the animal control authorities and ask them that you need a trap of theirs to use and catch hold of the Hunstville skunk. They will generally offer you with 10 days time to utilize the trap, if the trap is available at that particular moment in time. If a trap is not available, then you need to wait till one is available. They will name you on a waiting list.

The traps need bait to entice the Alabama skunk in. You can just use dry cat food. You can opt to make a small pile on trigger and also on the inside of the trap. You can then spread out a track of the cat food from the outside till the entrance of the trap. In this fashion, the skunk will want to taste the food and will more probably enter the trap and get caught.

Not all these traps are spray resistant. If you can discover one such trap, then you are lucky enough. If you don’t find one, there is nothing to worry. You can use old tarp that helps to cover your front completely. Hold it up prior to the skunk seeing you. Make slow moves towards your set trap. When you are near the trap, cover it with the tarp completely. It will stay calm and turn out be submissive. You can then opt to take the trap and leave it somewhere far away from your place.

Once you are there in a place that is surrounded by mountains or trees mostly, you just need to raise the tarp gradually and then slowly reach around the trap and open the door. Mostly they will immediately leave the trap, if they find that the door has been opened. Sometimes, they might still fear and tend to stay in, and this is where you just need to shake the trap a bit to help them come out. If they still don’t leave, you can opt to leave the trap open and come back. You can go back after 3-4 hours and then get your trap back, once you are sure that the animal has left it.

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