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Armadillo removal in Alabama

If you are fed up of an armadillo who is creating havoc in your yard and want to kill it, you can think in terms of poisoning it , setting up lethal traps for it or shooting it down.

When you want to poison an Alabama armadillo, you can search for various poisons that will be kept in the departmental stores in your local area. You will find these poisons in the aisle that keeps things concerned with wildlife eradication. You can select the poisons marked for armadillos and sprinkle some of it in your yard where you feel the armadillos would be feeding and you can pour some of it down their burrows. There is a chance that this poison may either kill the armadillos or it may not.

Speaking realistically, the chances of killing Huntsville armadillos with poison are quite low as they are cautious about eating anything that gives out an unnatural odor or taste. Poisons that are picked up from the stores are not effective. It is also very difficult to make the armadillos eat them. It is not in their nature to eat their food which is not dug by them out of the ground such as grubs and earthworms. They will not eat anything that is dead or anything that is found on the ground surface. When you sprinkle the armadillo poison in your yard, there is no guarantee that it will eat it. Another big problem with trying to kill armadillos with poison is that there is a tendency for it to be placed in areas where it may attract other animals. It could be a dangerous situation for your pets. If the burrows are under a shed or a porch, it would be extremely dangerous to sprinkle poison at those places.

Another method to kill armadillos is by setting up lethal traps that grip and pierce their bodies. These traps can be set over the burrow holes so that they can walk straight into these traps when they come out of their homes. It is not easy, however, to trap armadillos as the traps have to be sturdy and strong as a result of the natural armor plates found on these creatures. It is also difficult to attract them with the right bait in these traps. In case you are successful in attracting an armadillo into the trap, it will be caught in a death grip. If the pets go near this trap and sniff about, they can get snapped to death or suffer some severe injury.

A very serious problem with killing armadillos is the dealing with its carcass. There are laws pertaining to different regions concerning the lethal trapping of these animals. In some regions, the carcass has to be disposed of at state facilities and they have to be dealt with in a specified way.

A third alternative of killing armadillos who invade your property is to take out your shotgun or a rifle and shoot them. You will have to remember that armadillos are nocturnal animals and as they do not come out often during the day when there is sufficient light outside, it becomes quite difficult to shoot them down in the dark. Though they may not appear to be fast on their feet, they can take swift defensive action and they can be quick when they decide to run. They will also try their best to crouch under their unique armor. The downside to shooting is that you may end up creating a mess with the spatter of blood; the scent of their blood will attract other pests and rodents to your place.

If it is legal in your areas to own firearms and if you are allowed to shoot on your individual property, you can still go ahead in killing the armadillos but the gun you are using has to be powerful enough to penetrate their armor. Though it is not as tough as the shell of a turtle, it does provide them a great degree of protection. You will observe that the armadillos are fast and elusive if they want to escape after sensing danger or when they are threatened. It would become difficult to spot them once they run and hide. It is in their habit not to sit still and remain at one place for long; they are continuously rooting and always on the move. They also sleep for almost twenty hours in a day. They only come out of their burrows for just a few hours in the night and move around quite quickly. It is difficult to spot them and shoot them in the dark.

The very fact that armadillos are nocturnal in nature and killing them will involve staying up quite late in the night by means of shooting them or leaving poisons and lethal traps in places where these things cannot be supervised.

A better alternative would be to trap these Huntsville armadillos in cage traps and then take them far away from your property and relocate them. That is what our Huntsville armadillo removal company does. All you need is to set a strong and large live trap on their path and over their burrow entrances. The trap has to be flush with the round so that it does not rattle for you to trap them successfully. We service the greater Hunstville area, all of Madison County, and the towns of Ardmore, Athens, Belle Mina, Big Cove, Brownsboro, Capshaw, Decatur, East Limestone, Elkmont, Gurley, Harvest, Hazel Green, Laceys Spring, Madison, Meridianville, Monrovia, Moores Mill, New Hope, New Market, Owens Cross Roads, Redstone Arsenal, Toney, Triana, Union Hill, and more. For more info about us, click on: Huntsville Wildlife Control