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Mole trapping - how to trap Alabama moles

Heaps of dirt present over the ground in your yard which is linked by trials of dirt and sod goes to prove that there is Alabama mole activity at your place. Moles dig their way in quest of insects and grubs. Their bodies are perfectly made to dig and also live with very less oxygen in the underground. This makes them to occasionally come up to the outside. They have the capability to destroy your lawn in no time. They kill the roots of the grass. Trapping them is the only method to get rid of the moles.

First you need to discover the activity of the moles. Heaps of dirt pushed up is the most noticeable and evident sign of mole activity. When you work around the dirt mound, pierce the screwdriver vigorously into the ground till it gets into a tunnel.

Now dig a hole of 6 inch above the tunnel using a trowel. Take out sod chunk, and then find the tunnel. Now work on the direction in which the tunnel is going.

You need to set a mole trap now. Place the trap erect and clasp the twin hooks on the levers above the trap spring by means of the hooks’ open ends that are facing out. One lever needs to be on both the springs’ side. You have to grasp the levers upward and bring them collectively to the springs’ top.

Now you must lift the pan of the trap that is present beneath the jaws and then place the trigger wire end into the pan’s end. Slip safety handle on top of the springs to ensure that they both are held together.

Filter some amount of loose dirt inside the hole and partially fill the tunnel with it. Now push the jaws of the open trap inside the sifted dirt till the pan’s base lies over the dirt. The open jaws need to be corresponding in the company of the tunnel so that the mole has no other way other than to bypass between them. Remove the safety latch.

Now, place the sod back over the hole. This helps to seal the light and also place the trap inside the tunnel safely.

Make sure to never rest your hands close to the jaws, once you have discharged the safety latch.

The Hunstville mole will go via the tunnel till it comes across the loose dirt. It will then start to dig through the dirt and also start to push up the trap pan. This results in discharge and snap of the jaws shut over the mole.

Inspect the trap the very next day. Lift the sod plug and look into the hole. If there is no Alabama mole present in the trap, leave the trap for some 3-4 days. Yet, if mole trapping does not happen, try putting the same trap in another tunnel. Typically just one mole lives in one tunnel. Once you catch one inside one tunnel, then move on to another tunnel to catch the remaining.

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