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How to Get Rid of Opossums

If you have a problem with opossums let me first begin by saying how sorry I am for you. These are some of the ugliest creatures on earth, and they add a terrifying wake of trouble everywhere they go. They are dirty animals that make a mess of about anything in their path, and they carry a large number of diseases that can be very dangerous for your family and your pets. Many carry diseases such as rabies, which I do not need to tell you are quite dangerous.

If you have Alabama possums making your home a stop on their daily route, or you have one living in or around your home, you will want to try to get rid of that little critter. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

First, make sure that the things that your opossum would use for food are not accessible to him or her. These are usually the things you wouldn’t ordinarily think of. Things like your garbage cans, garden or pet dishes can be a great source of food or water to these creatures. If you have garbage cans see if you can put them in your shed or your garage. This will be a great way to stop them from eating from the can. Make sure that the lid on the garbage can is tightly fastened. If you are unable to do so then get some bungee cord and use it to tighten the lid.

If you have a garden you will want to make sure that it is enclosed by a fence that is at least four feet high. The possum can’t climb much higher than that. Also make sure the fence is dug at least 12 inches below the ground to stop the critter from digging its way under the fence.

If you have a dog or cat feed them inside. This includes their water dishes. Your pet’s food and water are an inviting source of nourishment for the possum, so you need to remove these options from play. If you are forced to feed your pets outdoors then remove the dishes when they are done eating.

If you have bird feeders keep them in a place that the possum cannot get to at all. This also means that you want to make sure that they can’t simply rattle the pole and knock the food down. These critters are smart, so don’t underestimate them.

You can also go out and buy a repellant that you can spread around your home to keep them away. You can also make your own using ammonia and moth balls. Just place these around high traffic areas and you will find that they will find your home less inviting.

Many people like the idea of putting up lights that will turn on when they detect motion. Possums are secretive animals, and so when a light pops on they think they are spotted and will run. A few nights of a light shining on them and they will be afraid to return. It is a great way to keep them away.

Many also get a dog that will scare away the Huntsville possums. A large dog will bark at the opossum causing it to run away. The problem with this is that many times the way a possum fights off its enemy is to simply play dead. If your dog is not taking no for an answer and decides to poke at the Huntsville opossum, it may get bit and your animal could wind up with rabies.

I knew a few people that had some great success with combining their dog with the motion detector. They installed the motion lights, but also recorded their dog barking angrily. When the motion detector kicked in and the lights turned on, a recording of the dog barking was also set to play quite loud. The noise and light were a great deterrent to keeping the critters away and eventually they stopped coming.

The last option is the “if you can’t beat them then join them” option. If you don’t want these critters by your home, but they simply won’t go away, give them a place to go where they can be fed. Put up a feeder on a tree a long distance away from your home (a few hundred yards) and make sure it is filled regularly. While your home may have food, if they know there will be food in this location, then they would much rather go there. This will give them what they want and what you want all at the same time. A perfect win-win for sure.

These things should give you the peace of mind you are looking for and keep these critters from your home. Give them a try and you should see the results you are looking for in no time. We service the greater Hunstville area, all of Madison County, and the towns of Ardmore, Athens, Belle Mina, Big Cove, Brownsboro, Capshaw, Decatur, East Limestone, Elkmont, Gurley, Harvest, Hazel Green, Laceys Spring, Madison, Meridianville, Monrovia, Moores Mill, New Hope, New Market, Owens Cross Roads, Redstone Arsenal, Toney, Triana, Union Hill, and more. For more info about Huntsville opossum removal, click on: Huntsville Wildlife Control