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Information About Alabama Beavers

Beaver are among the largest Huntsville to ever exist in the world of today. They are more commonly found in the lakes or the river banks where there is an increased activity. They are known to physically adapt to the environment where they are and therefore, it is very important that you get to learn something about them.

Beavers are large, in fact, in the rodent’s family; they are known to be a part of largest living rodents. The Alabama beavers are very specialized in what they do and identifying them is the easiest part.

- Size; there are two types of Huntsville beavers, there is the American beaver and then there are the Eurasian beavers. However, that should not deter you, both are of the same size only that the latter has a small skull and also they have smaller tails than the American beavers.
- The tail; this is another feature that you ought to look at if you really want to identify the beavers. The beaver’s tail is flattened, that is the first thing to tell you that what you are dealing with is a beaver, secondly, the Alabama beavers tail is covered with scales.
- Their feet; the beavers feet are webbed something that is so rarely to find with all the other rodents.
- The fur; beavers have very thick fur that is reddish brown in color. Therefore, identifying the beaver becomes a very easy thing to do.

Therefore, these are only the small things that you are supposed to look at if you want to identify the Huntsville beaver.

Beavers have very large teeth, and also, this is coupled with a very strong jaw. The teeth if not properly maintained, they will continue to grow throughout the Alabama beaver’s lifetime and therefore, the beaver have to keep them checked and in a tight level and that is why you will find that the beaver will want to occasionally gnaw over thing. They have successfully adapted to the semi-aquatic conditions with some pair of nostrils that are flexibly closable and they also have some transparent eye casing.

Beavers are known to successfully adapt to the watery environment. The “houses” where the Huntsville beaver live are called the lodges, and are made of the sticks, plastered mud and grasses, they are made close to the banks of the rivers and usually, they have an instant backdoor for easier swimming access.

Apart from them being known to build houses from the trees, the beavers are known to feed the trees. May be a major distinction from all other mammals, ALabama beavers are known to eat and digest the cellulose and actually it is a major component in their diet. They also eat leaves and the barks from the aspen and also feed on aquatic plants.

Beavers mark their territory in very special way; both the male and the female have some secretion stored in the tail which is used to mark the territory. Also, the Huntsville beavers never hibernate; they continue to eat the whole of the winter season.

With such information, identifying the beavers will be an easy process and thus control will also tend to be much simplified.

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